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Doing GOOD deeds is our passion

 Have you ever wished that you could do something to make a positive difference in the world? Something to help out in your local community? Something meaningful that shows people you care?


Join the LOVELUTION DONATE A DEED global campaign. LOVELUTION is a movement to get people from all over the world to donate good deeds. Together we can make the world a better place.

Watch the two short videos and listen to the beautiful explanation of Lovelution by The Promise — the founder of — and also learn more about the beautiful story and idea behind the Magical Lovelution Logo!


Join the Lovelution movement

It’s a movement powered by real people. There are no political or commercial motives involved. We’ve designed LOVELUTION to be a grassroot movement where you can get behind, and make a difference in your community right away.

Donate a random deed to someone you love.


Lovelution x SDG 16: Peace as a reality & result

With Lovelution we’re helping (world)peace to get a little closer…making it a possible RESULT.

Hence SDG 16 becomes a REALITY. 

Click here to learn more about SDG16.

“And deeds are not there to violate or to destroy but to establish relationships and to create new realities.”

— Hannah Arendt

So here is the formula: Goodwill + Love = Peace.

Do the math 🙂

Let’s Work Together

DONATE-A-DEED  (to the world)

Grow Goodwill:



The world needs YOU!

Donate a deed and GROW goodwill! 

Goodwill is just another word for ‘the-seed-of-a-good-deed’. And GOOD DEEDS is what the World needs.

All good deeds around the world are donated on the platform and you can track and view all the good deeds in real time.







This is how it


Subscribe to the Lovelution Youtube channel and follow our socials. Make a short video post of “your donation to the world” with your device (smartphone, tablet, camera). Upload it on Youtube and send us your link by email:

And we’ll make sure it will be posted on the Lovelution Platform!

Thank you, the world is looking forward to your donations!

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